DRPU Visitor ID Card Maker Software provides facility to generate Visitor ID card and Gate Pass for visitors. Gate Pass Management Application helps to manage all the visitor‘s record and provides facility to save visitor details to the database for future usage. Software provides option to search visitor’s details according to Name, Company Name, Address, Phone number etc as per your requirements. Visitor Identity Card Designing utility allows you to export designed ID card as image, as PDF and as template. Software provides option to specify color and background settings of ID card including gradient, image, solid color and style settings.  Gate Pass designing program allows you to design visitor ID card using line, text, ellipse, rectangle, picture, triangle, start, watermark, barcode, signature and other image designing objects. Software provides facility to add photo on visitor ID card either using camera option or browse image that is saved on your computer system.

Software Feature:

  1. Visitor Gate Pass Designing program provides option to print designed visitor’s ID card by using print setting feature.
  2. DRPU Visitor ID card maker program has image cropping tool to crop single or multiple images for visitor ID card.
  3. Software provides facility to capture image of visitor using camera setting feature.
  4. Gate Pass Maker application provides facility to save your designed visitor ID cards log in .idd file format.
  5. Software provides inbuilt email setting feature to send designed ID card to single or multiple email IDs.
  6. Software allows you to quickly design visitor ID card using pre-defined templates.
  7. Program has a facility to design ID card in various shapes like rectangle, rounded rectangle and ellipse shape.
  8. Gate Pass Maker Tool enables you to save visitor details to the database.

Steps to understand how to design and print visitor ID card and Gate Pass for visitors using Visitor ID Card Maker Software

Step 1: Download and install DRPU Visitor ID Card Maker and Gate Pass Software on your computer system.


Step 2: Run the software and select the template category and choose sample for your visitor ID card. Specify the card size and click on ‘OK’ button.


Step 3: Enter all the details that you want to add on your visitor ID card and click on ‘browse’ button to browse the path of the image that is saved on your computer system or you can also take picture of visitor using camera option.


Step 4: Similarly you can design back side of card as per your need. Click on ‘Add Visitor Details to DB’ button to add visitor’s detail to the database.


Step 5: After designing Visitor ID card go to ‘Print’ option and select the printing properties to print designed visitor ID card.


Step 6: If you want to view all visitor record clicks on ‘Visitor Records’ in menu bar to view visitor’s record. Software also provides option to export entire visitor records in excel file using ‘Export in excel’ button.


For more information:

Visit: www.drpusoftware.com

Email: support@drpusoftware.com

No internet connection or SMS service program required to send messages from Mac OS using GSM mobile phone. Mac Text Messaging Software sends alerts, reminders, notification, standard, events, promotional, professional, advertising and other similar messages. Software delivers SMS that contain Non-English character across the world using GSM mobile connected with Mac machine.

DRPU Mac Bulk SMS Program provides complete mobile marketing solution to promote business, products globally via sending bulk messages. Group SMS Sending Application helps to increase your business revenue and sales by delivering group messages to your global mobile customers. Mac Text Messaging Application instantly sends thousands of text messages from Mac OS using GSM mobile phones.

Vital Features:

  • Software provides facility to skip duplicate number entries during sending process.
  • Exclusion list wizard option used to exclude recipient number which you may need to exclude time to time during sending process.
  • Software supports UNICODE characters to send messages in different languages.
  • Save sent text SMS details to templates which can be viewed later whenever required.

Process to send SMS in different language from Mac machine using GSM modem:

Download Mac Bulk SMS Software for GSM Mobile

Download Bulk SMS Software for Mac

Step 1: Connect multiple mobile with your Mac OS using USB port.

Mac Bulk SMS Software for Multi GSM mobile6

Step 2: In initial screen of software, click on “Mobile Phone Connection Wizard” button to use connected multiple GSM mobile with DRPU Mac Bulk SMS Software for GSM.

Mac Bulk SMS Software for Multi GSM mobile1

Step 3: Wizard displays all connected mobile phone information, Select your device and click on “Use selected device to send SMS”.

Mac Bulk SMS Software for Multi GSM mobile2

Step 4: Enter recipient number manually or Use Load Recipient number features to load contact numbers. Here we’ve select “Add or Paste numbers manually” option to load contact numbers.

Mac Bulk SMS Software for Multi GSM mobile3

Step 5: Compose your messages in Message Composer Box. Check “Message contains Non-English (Unicode) character” features to send bulk SMS in different languages at same time globally. Then click on Send button.

Mac Bulk SMS Software for Multi GSM mobile4

Sending process is going on. Do not operate your device during messaging process.

Mac Bulk SMS Software for Multi GSM mobile5

For more information and details:

Visit: www.SendGroupSMS.com

Email: Support@SendGroupSMS.com

Download Professional Bulk SMS Software


Professional Bulk SMS Software is develop to compose and send multiple number of text messages using USB modem, Windows, GSM or Android technology based mobile phones. Text Messaging program provide facility to send instant SMS to national or international mobile phone network. Software does not require internet connection to send SMS worldwide. Multi messaging utility provide facility to send text messages such as job alert, product promotion, seasonal greeting, reminders, business advertisement, event alert, invitation, promotional campaign etc. Text messaging tool provide facility to directly communicate with your family member, friends, business partner, customers and client easily.

PC to Mobile SMS messaging program provides option to send Standard text messages which are automatically saved in phone memory as well as Notification SMS. Software supports all major brands of mobile phone devices such as Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola and many other manufactures brand. Multi Messaging program supports Unicode language to send text messages in English or Non-English character.


Software Feature:

  1. Bulk SMS Software provides option to send notification or standard SMS.
  2. Software provides facility to send SMS to individual or list of phone numbers.
  3. Text messaging tool does not require any internet connection send SMS worldwide.
  4. Software enables you to send text messages in different language (supports Unicode character).
  5. Text Messaging program provide delay delivery option to customized and control broadcasting SMS
  6. Software provides facility to save sent text messages and can be easily viewed by the user.

Steps to send bulk SMS from PC to mobile using Professional Bulk SMS Software:

step 1:

Select the GSM Technology Based Mobile Phone option from initial screen of the Professional Bulk SMS Software.


step 2:

Now connect the GSM Mobile phone with PC and let install your device drivers.


step 3:

Once the Mobile phone is connected with PC, then click on OK button for establishing connection between mobile phone and software. Select the COM Port option from connected mobile device list and click on ‘Use select device’ option to send SMS. Now your mobile phone is ready to use.


step 4:

Now you can enter the recipient number manually to whom you want to send SMS.


OR you can use ‘Import and Composing option’ to Load Contacts from file.



Step 5

Or you can type the message what you want to send in the Message Composer Window.


Step 6:

Now click on send button to send SMS.


For more information:

Visit: www.SendGroupSMS.com

Email: Support@SendGroupSMS.com

Download Bulk SMS Software

Download Application

Bulk SMS is a technological innovation in today world which provides fast, economical and easy way to communicate with many people instantly. This mobile messaging technique is nowadays becoming a trend and growing demand of today business to get connected with targeted and potential customers globally. Small and big businesses relies on this strategy to send business updates as well as informative services to their employees, clients and customers and keeping them updated continuously. This is a better method of marketing than telephonic or e-mail as it silently reaches to customer’s handset devices. DRPU Bulk SMS Software is available for those industries that require delivering promotional new, Business advertisements, Campaign etc to worldwide peoples. Software is designs with simple interface which lets commercial and non commercial user to send group SMS across the world. Available advance functionality of the software makes the message sending an easy task.

Group SMS Software

Features of the Software

  • Broadcast Group Messages to national and international networks.
  • Software supports all kind of mobile device belonging to Windows, GSM, and Android Technology.
  • Facility to encode text in Unicode language format.
  • Send Personalized and Dynamic text messaging to your Contacts.
  • User can load list of contacts from PC or from mobile device.
  • No internet gateway is necessary for sending messages to worldwide locations.

Watch this video for understanding software’s working easily

Stepwise Description of sending Group Messages using Windows Mobile device

Here we have used LG Windows’s handset device for demonstration purpose to send group messages connecting via computer system.

Step-1: Firstly install Microsoft Windows Mobile Device Center in your computer system for making your windows technology mobile device supportable by PC.

windows mobile device center

Step-2: Then establish a proper connection of windows mobile device with PC using USB cable and lets the device drivers installation complete.

connect device with pc

Step-3: Now run DRPU Bulk SMS Software in your PC and choose windows based mobile device from module asking mobile device technology.

windows mobile phone

Step-4: Now mobile device connection wizard shows you that your device is connected successfully with software. Click on use selected device to Send SMS for further processing.

mobile device connection wizard

Step-5: After this add recipient’s number from available option or user has option to import contact list from PC. Compose your message in message composer box and apply it on all contacts by clicking on apply button. Click on send button for sending your message to list of contacts.

Compose message

Step-6: You message is successfully sent to related recipient.

sent message

For more details please contact at:


Download Bulk SMS Software for Android Mobile Phone

Bulk SMS

Now you can easily connect with the global audience by using Android Bulk SMS Software. This is one of the best ways to market your product and services. Android Bulk SMS Software provides the proficient way to directly communicate with your customers, client and business partners. Software provides the simplest way to broadcast SMS globally via connecting any Android technology based mobile phone device. Software supports the entire android technology based mobile phone device. Bulk SMS Messaging program is helpful for sending marketing campaigns, job alerts, reminders, notification, News alerts, Birthday greetings, business product launch alerts, special offers and other personalized messages.

Bulk SMS

Software Features:

  1. Android Bulk SMS Software supports entire Unicode languages to send bulk SMS in any text format.
  2. Software does not require any internet connection to broadcast SMS globally.
  3. Android Group Messaging program allows users to skip duplicate phone number entries.
  4. Text Messaging Utility provides facility to send standard SMS and notifications
  5. Bulk Messaging Application provides facility to load contacts from file save in text and Excel file format.
  6. Group Messaging tool provide option to save sent text messages to template.
  7. Exclusion list Wizard allows maintaining the Lists of contacts or Groups, which you may need to exclude time to time when sending messages.

Understand How to send thousand of text messages from PC to mobile using Android Bulk SMS Software

Step 1:

Enable USB debugging mode in your android mobile


Step 2:

Connect your PC/laptop with Android Mobile phone device.


Step 3:

Select Mobile phone connection wizard option to start connection process between android mobile and computer system. After connection process, connected android mobile device information displayed. Choose “Use Selected device to send SMS” option to continues the SMS Sending process.


Step 4:

Use Import and Composing Options to load contacts from file, phone or send unique or personalized SMS using Excel. Click on ‘Mobile Phone Connection Wizard’, if no mobile device is selected.android-sms-scr-04


Step 5:

Now you can load contact numbers and compose messages and click the send button for sending compose messages.


Step 6:

Message sent successfully


Step 7:

Now the message is successfully send at recipient mobile phone.


Watch this video to understand how to send multiple text messages from computer to mobile using Android technology based mobile phone device. 

Download Bulk SMS Software for Android Mobile Phone

Bulk SMS

For more information:


Contact us: Support@SendGroupSMS.com

Download Bulk SMS Software for Android Mobile

Bulk SMS 4 If you are using Android technology based mobile phone, so we have specially designing Android Bulk SMS Software for Android mobile phone users. Android Text Messaging Application supports all Android technology based mobile phone devices.

Bulk SMS Software for Android phone sends multiple SMS from PC to mobile via connecting any Android based mobile phone device. Android SMS messaging program provides real time solution to deliver instant messages to target audience in one click. Android Text Messaging Utility is an effective mobile marketing program that enables you to communicate with your customer via sending bulk text messages.

Android Messaging ProgramSoftware Features:

  1. No internet connection is required for sending text messages from PC.
  2. Android Bulk SMS Software provides facility to load contact numbers from file saved in text or excel file formats.
  3. Android mobile marketing software provides list wizard option to maintain list of contacts or group.
  4. Android Text Messaging utility offers advanced option to skip duplicate number entries.
  5. Android SMS Messaging Program provides facility to send text messages to an individual or list of people using Android mobile phone device.

Now here you can see the detailed procedure of sending multiple text messages from PC using Android mobile phone device.

Step: 1

Enable USB Debugging in your Android mobile phone for connecting mobile with your computer.

android-sms-scr-03Step: 2

Connect your PC/Laptop with Android Mobile Phone Device. To connect you mobile device to computer firstly install device driver according to your mobile in your computer system.

android-sms-scr-01Step: 3

Now Run the Bulk SMS Software for Android Mobile on your computer and select the Android Technology Mobile Phone option to connect your Phone with Software .
Bulk SMs Software step-04Step: 4

Now you can enter the recipient number to whom you want to send SMS and click on ADD button.
Bulk SMS Software step-05

Step: 5

Now you can type the message you want to send in the compose message Window. Enter your recipient numbers and you can also compose business messages according to your business need for sending multiple messages. After composing the text message you can click the send button for sending text message.

Bulk SMS Software step-06

Bulk SMS Software step-06-02

Step: 6

Now the message is successfully send at recipient mobile phone.


For More Information:

Visit: http://www.SendGroupSMS.com

Contact: support@sendgroupsms.com

Today in the world, WhatsApp application users are increasing day to day. So most of marketers or business users are using WhatsApp messenger to send notification and information messages over worldwide. WhatsApp marketing a new way to mobile marketing and sends text, images, audio, video and vCard file. For sending business promotional and product advertisement messages over worldwide through WhatsApp required contacts list. You can use vCard file to import large numbers of contacts in WhatsApp application. If you have contacts details in excel file then you can easily convert into vCard file format using Excel to vCard Convertor Software. Software support batch conversions of contacts saved in excel files into vCard that easily import on your mobile phone, WhatsApp and all social networking websites such as Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.

Convert Excel Contacts to vCard

Watch this video to learn how to import contact from excel into vCard file and use for social business network

Now we have described process How to import contact from excel into vCard file using Excel to vCard Convertor


Step 1: Install DRPU Excel to vCard Convertor Software on your Windows PC to migrate excel contacts list into vCard file formats.

Download DRPU Excel to vCard Convertor Software

Download Software

Step 2: Run installed software from Start Menu and also can open using created desktop icon. Now Browse contacts file from computer location.

Open Excel to vCard Converter

Step 3: Here you can select detail from excel files like excel sheet and various attributes which you want in vCard file and press OK button.

Select Details from Excel File

Step 4: Here you can see selected excel sheet detail with attributes. You can change in any row and column detail if require and press next button.

See Selected Excel Sheet Data

Step 5: Select vCard Attributes such as name, company name, contact image, address, email ID, phone number, business address, birthday date, relationship etc as per requirement and click on Next button.

Select vCard Attributes

Step 6: Select vCard version (2.1, 3.0 and 4.0). Here you can convert contacts from all rows and also select rows which you want to convert contact. Now select output detail as per your requirement. Software provides various options – create single vCard for each contact, save all contacts in a single file and create vCard files, each containing as per requirement number. Now click on Convert button.

Select Version to Convert vCard

Step 7: After completing process contacts will convert from excel file to vCard file as per requirement.

See Converted Contacts into vCard

Download DRPU Excel to vCard Convertor Software

Download Software

For more details contact us:
DRPU Software Team
Email: Support@DRPUSoftware.com
Website: www.DRPUSoftware.com